Our patients have had wonderful experiences here at Oregon Melanoma Center in Springfield, Oregon.

We hope that you will trust us as they did, and see what a difference a caring team approach to cancer care makes.

Worry free life changed — perhaps forever.

My dermatologist found a deep melanoma on my right shin and solemnly told me of the seriousness of the words. He said he was referring me to the best surgical oncologist in the west- Dr. Thomas Trezona. Dr. Trezona entered my exam room with a serious face. After hearing many facts about my situation, I sat with a glazed smile on my face – not really comprehending his message. So he gave me this little piece of paper that I have carried in my wallet to this day [three+ years later]. He wrote “there is a 65% survival rate in a five year period.” He stressed “These are NOT good numbers.” I have had three surgeries to remove clumps of melanoma intransits. I had over fifty biopsies for other intransits and participated in multiple infusions of different drugs designed to slow or stop these intransists that I lovingly call “critters.” Through it all, I have experienced the highs and lows of the people around me as well as my own. This includes the patients and the staff. The staff to me is like family. I watched as the nurses, Kelly and Josie, helped patients deal with the unique effects of the treatment. I saw how they shared the challenges of each of us while administering the hopeful medicines with care and humor. The Physician Assistant, Diana, is warm, caring and resourceful. She provides a listening ear and approaches each patient issue with sensitivity and passion. The rest of the staff, Ashley, Jaime, and Cindy, are equally wonderful in that they help fearful and frustrated patients deal with what is happening. Then there is the office itself. The wood and the fountain provide the wholistic body-mind-spirit approach necessary to allow our bodies to heal and/or move on. I took a meditation class there with Amy Trezona which renewed my ability to focus on the moment- not to “awfulize” or live in the past. After multiple types of treatments, I am clear of melanoma- for the time being... but knowing to live in the present allows me to appreciate that it may be five, ten or fifty years before my critters make an appearance again- if they ever do. To me, the true hero is the spirit of Dr. Trezona who tirelessly looks for new methods of treatment to fit his patient’s needs. His sense of humor emerged once things began to work in our favor. He inspired me to fight for the right to continue to breathe and be in the world.
— T. Morton

You're so nice

I appreciate everyone's kindness showed to my husband and myself. Dr. Trezona you and your staff are the best. Thank you and God bless everyone.

— Donnita

Dr. Trezona is Amazing

My father has been diagnosed with Stomach cancer about 2 months ago. He has been so fortunate to have Dr. Trezona for his Dr and Surgeon. Dr. Trezona is amazing, he has made this process we are going through with my Dad (John Horrillo) feel very safe because we trust him so much with every decision he makes. My family would like to thank Dr. Trezona from the bottom of our hearts for being our Angel through this journey. God bless you and we are so thankful for you, your staff of amazing people and Riverbend Hospital.

— Kristin Horrillo

Thank you for taking care of my friend

Dear Dr. Trezona, Thank you for taking care of my dear friend Barb _____. She never complained. I was her PE teacher she became a PE teacher and we were like sisters. I miss her. Arlene is my good friend also. God Bless You.

— Liz